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Pop Pop’s Fudge Shop was founded on the idea of family, friends, and fun. We have been making sweet treats for over 15 years! We are dedicated to providing top quality customer service and sweet treats that remind you of your childhood. Here at Pop Pop’s Fudge Shop we make 30 pound loaves of fudge, fresh daily . We also make homemade, hand dipped chocolates fresh in the shop. We have at least 12 different flavors of fudge at all times. You can come by and see the magic in person, any day of the week!




Here at Pop Pop’s Fudge Shop, we use the best ingredients available. Pop Pop only uses real butter & cream in is his fudge. It is 100% natural product.Come on by and Pop Pop will tell you everything he puts into the fudge as he makes it right in front of your eyes, but I don’t think he will give up his secret recipe. If you have any questions or worries about what is in our fudge, please call us at (865) 366-1734, and we will be glad to help you.

Hand Dipped Chocolates:

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